Thinking about infrastructure for that upgrade

Following on from my previous post about things to think about if you’re new to upgrading a Sitecore project in your development environment, there was another side of the issue of upgrading I wanted to point out – some of your deployment choices… Continue reading

The case of the missing Coveo facet picker

Quick one this week. Mostly to try and save my own blushes, because the issue here was completely my fault. For the first time on a particular project I was trying to do some Coveo development work. I had created a page based on the default MVC templates they provide for search, but when I tried to add a Facet in Content Editor, I found myself staring at this:

Missing Picker

No picker for the field to facet on – so no way to make the Facet component work… Continue reading

Development environments with PowerShell DSC – Part 6

Getting back to the the issue of installing things for a Sitecore development environment, this week I’m going to start tackling how you can add “Coveo for Sitecore” to a machine. While Coveo have provided some documentation on how this can be achieved, (for CES and REST APIs) they make they point that they don’t offer support for this approach to installation. So this may not be right for everyone. But in case it’s of use to you, here’s the first part of my attempt at the automation: Continue reading

Early adoption can be risky…

Later this week I’ve got the chance to do some training on the Coveo for Sitecore search solution. The invite to the training said that attendees need to bring a computer running an instance of the software to use during the class. So I’ve been spending a bit of time building up a virtual machine for this purpose, to get a handle on the install process for Coveo.

Being the enthusiastic type, I tried doing this installation on a machine running Visual Studio 2015 and .Net 4.6 – but it turns out this wasn’t a great idea. Continue reading