Caching when you have duplicate container components

In theory, the magic of Dynamic Placeholders lets us have a container component placed onto your page more than once. That didn’t work in the old world of “static” placeholders, because the rendering engine didn’t like two placeholders with the same name. But despite it’s benefits, the dynamic implementation has an annoying edge case – you may not be able to enable caching for your container component. I had a client bump into this issue recently, so I spent some time considering approaches that might help them address this issue. Continue reading

Edge cases of caching

Most of the time when you need to cache things in Sitecore, it’s handled for you with the built in frameworks for data and UI layer caches. Usually your problems are solved by tuning the sizes of the caches and configuring the right caching settings on your UI components. But what happens when you’ve got bits of data which you want to cache that are neither components or items? Continue reading