Recovering from a packaging mistake

A while back I got a support issue where a client’s Content Editor was suddenly very broken. No UI – just a giant YSOD. It’s turned out to be the sort of mistake which I could see happening to others, so here’s some info on what happened and ways the problem can be resolved. Continue reading

So you’re thinking about an upgrade?

I’ve been involved in a few discussions about the scope of projects to upgrade existing Sitecore instances in the last few weeks, and quite a lot of that discussion has focused around the “development environment” aspects of the upgrade work. So I thought I would write down some of the things that have come up in my conversations. This isn’t supposed to be a “how-to” guide, or a complete list of everything you need to worry about. But hopefully this post will provoke thought and discussions on some important topics around what might need to change – especially if you’ve not done an upgrade before… Continue reading

Chasing down a browser detection bug

A colleague of mine recently hit upon an odd issue with the Sitecore integration for the 51Degrees browser detection service. It worked fine for most of his testing, but raised an exception in some circumstances. Trying to dig into this and create a test to demonstrate the bug kept us amused for a few hours – maybe it will help you to? Continue reading

Another package install performance boost

I came across an interesting approach for improving the performance of automated package installs the other day. In the space of one day of internet reading I saw the Sitecore.Data.BulkUpdateContext class mentioned in a blog post and it came up in MVP forum discussions. In both cases, it was mentioned in the context of making item operations faster. Hence it seemed like an interesting thing to investigate, to see what sort of difference it would make to my previous work. Continue reading

Enabling automated index rebuilds

Another helpful addition to the “scripted installs” functions I’ve been looking at for the last few weeks is the ability to trigger a full rebuild of a search index. Last week we looked at deferring the indexing of items installed by a package to try and help speed up the scripted install of packages. So it makes sense to be able to trigger a build as well… Continue reading

Automated package installs

After you’ve finished installing an instance of Sitecore for development or test (as I’ve been discussing in my previous few posts – Installing, Adding DMS, Hosts & SSL), chances are you’ll need to deploy some modules or packages onto it. Things like Web Forms for Marketers are regularly needed as a basis for development work. So what can you do if you’d like to automate this with PowerShell as well? Continue reading

Automatic packages from TFS: #5 – Wrap up

Having looked at all the pipeline components for package generation last week, now it’s time for a wrap up for this series.

As I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, as I worked through the code for this prototype, I changed my mind a bit on some of the basic architecture for the core program from the first post. I ended up re-working the configuration from the original idea and making the source control input and package saving output into configurable options. Continue reading