The official Sitecore NuGet feed is here!

Wild times in the Sitecore world, as the release of v8.2 is has brought a load of new features. One I’m particularly pleased about is that there is now an official NuGet feed for your Sitecore references. I’ve been asking pretty much every Sitecore employee I’ve spoken to about doing this for years now, and finally it’s here.

So now I’ve read the release notes and finished a quick chair dance of joy, it’s time to dive in and see what it’s all about… Continue reading

Sitecore builds with Visual Studio Online – Part 2: Building code and running tests

Following on from last week’s “how to host private NuGet feeds in Visual Studio Online“, this week we’ll build on that to get some code to compile and some Sitecore.FakeDB tests to run and Hedgehog TDS to generate a deployment package in the cloud build. Continue reading

Automatic packages from TFS: #1- Overall plan

Recently I posted an idea for a PowerShell script to extract the set of changed items in TFS needing deployment for a Sitecore project. I left the script at the stage where it gave a list of the files to package, but didn’t actually give you a package definition.

Having done a bit more thinking about how that might be achieved, I’ve decided that it’s probably worth a series of posts as creating a sensible solution to the problem seems a bit too complex for a script and a single post.

So for this first post, I’ll sketch out the problem I want to solve and look at some of the basic code if will require. I’ll flesh out the code an implementation over the rest of the posts – but I’m not sure how many there will be at this point… Continue reading

What did I need to deploy again?

Recently I found myself at the end of a sprint where a collection of developers had worked on a lot of different things in a pre-existing Sitecore solution. I needed to be able to deploy only the changes that were part of the sprint, and I had to generate a deployment package that could be installed by the client. And I didn’t have access to any fancy tools such as Hedgehog TDS, that can be used to automate these things in other ways. Continue reading